#2 - A new concept

Hello hello!

This is the second devlog where basically everything changed... While I was writing the game design document I decided to share the experience I want to go through with my friends, which led to quite a wonderfully unexpected brainstorm session with ideas of what could be done with the game. Quite obviously, one of my closest friends Craig (the game is in his honor), came up with this idea of why didn't I just do a 2D version of PUBG whose twist would be that the player is sent as a time travel experiment to an abritrary point in time, which would essentially translate to the game picking a random map of a period of time of the human history. This would give me enough creativity and space to design levels and weapons based off of different times of history, but at the same time it opened for an insane amount of potential. We are talking about an easier way of making online rankings, matchmaking, developing tools to help write levels and game data, support for mods, skins and other bling blings, all kinds of shenanigans.

As it can be seen from the whole project page remake, I quite liked the idea and decided to move it forward and design the whole thing. In short, these past weeks since the first devlog have been used in writing the base of the game design document for this idea. The concept is set in stone, the potential is fenomenal, the base of the design is ready and the aim for the next milestone is to have a basic prototype with the core features (yet to be defined) ready and presentable. It is worth mentioning I am using hacknplan as the project manager for this, which is actually quite intuitive, easy and amazing to use, keeping everything insanely neatly and easy to organize.

One of the important things was to pick prototype art (rather than using random figures), to which I decided to use the glorious free Kenney art, I cannot stress how many times this guy has saved me from projects I desperately needed art to complete and have something presentable, he deserves any donation possible.

As a little idea of what's been thought out, the game will actually a top-down shooter with a kind of vision fog where the player can only see in a cone vision in front of him. Other movement can be detect if the player stands still or moves very slowly, at which point footsteps will be displayed around him alerting for other player's positions.

Hope that peaked your interest somewhat, the very small changelogs have been moved to pastebins to make it easier to here, the latest one is can be found here: Changelog 0.0.2

The next devlog is planned to be on the 1st of April 2018.

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