LSHMUP released!

Hello everyone,

After working in this game for the past month I am finally proud to be able to say it has been completly released.

The idea for the game came from when I did my Japanese language studies, of which my teacher suggested I used Anki to memorize and translate characters (Hiragana/Katakana/Kanji) and sentences. This made me realize that I could probably do it much faster, and in a much more fun way, if Anki was instead a game, and thus I started working on this project with Unity.

LSHMUP is essentially a flash card program turned in to a Shoot 'em Up. The main goal is for people to take things they want to memorize, put them in to the editor, and play the level over and over until this has been achieved.

Things that I want to improve consist of:

  1. More levels;
  2. Different enemies at different levels;
  3. Multipliers: The score is increased by the amount of right words written consecutively and goes to 0 when missing the next letter;
  4. Increasing the speed of the enemies that are spawned by the Sentence boss so players can't grind them infinitely;

Thank you for reading this devblog, it should be the last one but in case I fix any major bug or launch a new feature I'll write a new one.



May 20, 2017


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