A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

LSHMUP (Learning Shoot 'em Up) is an educational SHMUP where players can learn and memorize new languages through creating their own sets of words to the game and  then playing levels to practice their memory through spaced repetition learning.

The game features:

  • Retro art style (16x16 GameBoy art) and music;
  • Built-in level editor for players to write and build their own sets of letters, words and sentences;
  • Save files;
  • One level where enemies are loaded with letters, words and sentences from the aforementioned level editor; 
  • 2 different types of enemies (letters & words);
  • 1 Boss (sentences);
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date May 20, 2017
GenreShooter, Educational
Tags16-bit, Game Boy, typing
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions


-> No installation needed, just double click LSHMUP.exe;

Navigating menus:

-> Use the UP and DOWN arrows keys to navigate through the menus;
-> Press ENTER to select the option with the cursor on it;

In game:

-> Type the letters/words/sentences as they appear below the enemies on screen;

How to play:

1. Start by going to the "Editor" option;
2. Select any of the three save slots;
3. Give the slot a title, and fill the slot with text you want to learn/memorize;
4. Select "Back" (the data is saved when "Back" is selected);
5. Select "Back" again;
6. Select "New Game";
7. Select the slot with the title you gave on step 3;
8. Play;

Thank you for playing my game.



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